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Commercial Grade Websites

Why Do I Need a Website

Websites say a great deal about who you are and what you do. Websites allow customers to investigate your products and services without you having to lift a finger. Websites are THE way customers will find you in the future.

Why Commercial Grade Websites™

Commercial Grade has been in the industry almost ten years. That's a long time in Internet years! We process over $1.5 million in orders annually. We process an additional $50 million in additional estimates and product inquiries. We have build hundreds of websites for many companies who appear on the first page of Google™. If you Google&trade "victory motorcycle parts", BuyWitchDoctors.com comes up on the home page. This is one of our websites. If you search for "American made pottery", HennWorkshops.com on the first page is another site we have optimized. How do we do it? Commercial Grade Technology!

Are Commercial Grade Websites™ Better?

YES! Commercial Grade Websites™ allow you to log into your website, editing and adding content as easily as stacking blocks. Our content management system allows you to add complex content quickly and easily. Unlike other systems, everything is integrated so that the same websites which handles web pages can also handle products, shopping carts, blogs, galleries and even alpacas or miniature horses.

Unlike "dummy" content management systems our system handles custom scripting easily, allowing for custom orders or estimates with minimal coding. Our blocking system even allows you to build custom forms.

All of this technology is available to any Administrator level user.

What is a "Block"

A "block" is something you add to anywhere in the website to draw something. A block could be a picture with a caption. It could be a product description. It could be a media gallery. Later you might change your mind and modify the media gallery block to rotate the pictures sequentially, making it a slide show. It's easier than you might think and fun.

How Much are Websites

Price depends on what you are doing. Most websites run around $1395 but we have many sales and discounts for home school enterprises.

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