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Getting Started

Feel free to Contact Us should you have any questions you cannot answer, using our various website links.

You can join our Homeschool group at any time. To participate in our Co-op, you'll need to register for Fall Co-op Classes by May of the previous school year.  Here is a link to the Trumbull County list of Superintendents to notify your Local Board of Education/Superintendent, by August, of your intent to homeschool.

Annual Notification Meeting
The Notification Meeting is open to both Members and Non-Members of TEACH.  It is held the first Friday in August each year.  You’ll want to Contact Us to find out the location.  At the Notification Meeting, we inform you of the Ohio Regulations, provide you with the proper forms from the State to send your Notification in to your Local Board of Education/Superintendent, as well as answer any questions you may have regarding the Notification process.

We encourage you to review the Home Education Regulations of Ohio on our site.

  Annually you must complete a Home Education Notification Form.
    You send the Home Education Notification Form, brief outline
(as indicated as #6 on the Home Education Notification Form) and the list of textbooks, correspondence courses, commercial curricula, or other basic teaching materials that the parent intends to use for home education (as indicated as #7 on the Home Education Notification Form) to the appropriate Superintendent.  This required form is available for you to download from the above linked page as a ".pdf file" by clicking on the title: Home Education Notification Form.  You can then print it from your computer.  
    Subsequent years of Home Education Notification involves one more step.  It is the Assessment portion of the Notification.  
See Assessment Forms  to complete this portion of your Notification process, based on the option you choose for your child(ren).

Forms from www.cheohome.org (Christian Home Educators of Ohio).

Here are some other helpful resources:

  • The Christian Home Educators' Manual, Elementary, by Cathy Duffy. ISBN: 0929320131
  • The Christian Home Educators' Manual, Junior/Senior High, by Cathy Duffy. ISBN: 092932014X
  • The 3 R's (Primary grades) by Ruth Beechick. ISBN: 0940319063
  • You CAN Teach Your Child Successfully (Elementary grades), by Ruth Beechick. ISBN: 0940319047
  • The Homeschool Answer Book, by Ruth Beechick, edited by Debbie Strayer. ISBN: 0940319128
  • How to Homeschool: A Practical Approach, by Gayle Graham. ISBN: 1880892405
  • The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling, by Debra Bell. ISBN: 0849975751
  • Authors:  Gregg Harris; Cheri Fuller
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