Welcome to TEACH

Supporting Homeschool Families in the Trumbull County Area Since the 1980’s.

Cooperative Classes

One of the concerns of many homeschooling families is socialization. TEACH families gather weekly to offer students a chance socialize and learn in a more traditional classroom setting.

Field Trips & Events

Trumbull County and the surrounding areas offer so many great learning opportunities for students of all ages. From trips to local orchards to competing in the National Envirothon, TEACH students have a multitude of opportunities.


Homeschooled students don’t have to miss out on being a part of a team. Homeschooled students are allowed to participate in their public school sports teams. We also have options to form our own teams. Currently we offer, TEACH girls’ volleyball.


We seek to support and encourage one another in Christ-centered home education.

Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.

Proverbs 16:3


TEACH is a Christian organization of homeschooling families endeavoring to live Christ centered lives by the strength and enabling of the Holy Spirit. We strive to uphold a unity based on the Lordship of Jesus Christ, always guided by the principles and rules that we believe are beneficial in establishing an atmosphere conducive to Christian growth and maintaining order. Because of the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all life and thought, we believe that the Scriptures establish basic principles that should guide and govern all behavior.

Activities include:

  • Fellowship opportunities with like-minded people
  • Scheduling of meetings that are for educational purposes to parents or children
  • Communications through email, social media, etc., within the organization for various activities or opportunities and updates
  • Introducing new families to legal requirements and practical necessities of home education, and updating existing members of impending legislative changes or new laws regarding home education
  • events for children
  • field trips
  • sports programs
  • cooperative classes

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